Used Sewing Machines
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Make                 Model Number              Serial Number               Price

Apex                                  CBZ                                                                                                              Please Call
Amcon                               442                                                                                                               Please Call
Brother                             1K3B430-4                                       F5555994                                       Please Call
Chandler                           138 (Darner)                                    697                                                  $595.00
Chandler                          401 (HBS)                                          607                                                  $750.00
Chandler                          471 (HBS)                                         11421                                              $750.00
Chandler                          555-85 (PBS)                                   17130                                               $799.00
Chandler                          600-75 (PBS)                                   60075                                               $799.00
Consew                             225                                                     WE9104015                                   $450.00
Juki                                  816                                                                                                                Please Call
Kansai Special               L501M                                              C09538                                             Please Call
Kansai Special               DLR1502VHD                                 KS006474                                        Please Call
Kingline                          553277                                              W684906                                         Please Call
Merrow                            60W                                                                                                              Please Call
Nicon                                MWN-31                                                                                                      Please Call
Pfaff                                  461-61IBS                                                                                                   Please Call
Reece                                103-035-CT                                     156724                                             Please Call
Rex (3 pcs)                       618-9                                                                                                            Please Call
Renown                             MDN30                                                                                                        Please Call


* Note: We have several Singer single thread chainstitch hat machines in stock.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
All prices are in U. S. dollars.

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