Used Sewing Machines
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Make                 Model Number              Serial Number               Price

Sewmaster                       52BN (Ruffler)                                 628863                                            $899.00
Sewmaster                       3008                                                                                                             Please Call
Singer                               648                                                     AS161729                                      Please Call
Singer (2 pcs)                  112W5V110                                    W940626                                        Please Call
Singer                               143W3                                              W1809765                                     Please Call
Singer                               510W1                                              W502401                                        Please Call
Singer                               107W1                                              W316735                                        Please Call
Singer                               107W5                                              W680023                                        Please Call
Singer                               151K1                                                W78865                                         Please Call
Singer                               108W1                                               W137806                                       Please Call
Singer                               112W140                                          W316738                                       Please Call
Singer                               842U-065-5                                       P842402                                        Please Call
Singer                               141W1                                               W760401                                       Please Call
Singer (3 pcs)                  5910300G                                          U814510465                                 Please Call
Singer                               151W101                                           EW005909                                    Please Call
Singer (4 pcs)                  151W3                                                W975900-W1247808                Please Call
Singer                               151W2                                                W1063208                                   Please Call
Singer                               3211                                                    G5312681                                     Please Call

*Note: We have several Singer single thread chainstitch hat machines in stock.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
All prices are in U. S. dollars.

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