Used Sewing Machines
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Make                 Model Number              Serial Number               Price

Singer                               24-56                                                AF234357                                        Please Call
Singer                               241-1                                                AG067860                                       Please Call
Singer                               203756                                                                                                        Please Call
Singer                               134W3                                             W1081375                                      Please Call
Singer                               231-7                                                AM821977                                      Please Call
Singer                              WSU103                                           W1357968                                      Please Call
Union Special                  1200                                                                                                             Please Call
Union Special                  63400A                                                                                                        Please Call
Union Special                  39500QB                                                                                                    Please Call
Union Special                  151C                                                   59993                                              Please Call
Union Special                  51300BY                                           170794                                            Please Call
Union Special                  39500A                                              651354                                            Please Call
Union Special                  51500BJ                                                                                                     Please Call
U. S. Blind Stitch            128                                                                                                               Please Call


* Note: We have several Singer single thread chainstitch hat machines in stock.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
All prices are in U. S. dollars.

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