Swatch Cutters
Made in the U.S.A.
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In Addition To Parts For Our Own Products
We Now Stock Parts
Including Cutter Blades For Most Discontinued
Chandler Swatch Cutters.
Professional Blade Sharpening Is Now Available
For All Makes Of Pinking Machine.
Model Model Description Price Each Stocking Dealer Price
(6 or More)
 12 M Hand Operated 12" Capacity, Portable, Table Top Model, Standard Duty, 1/2" Stroke Please Call  
 12 P   Hand Operated 12" Capacity, Portable, Table Model, Heavy Duty, 1 1/2" Stroke Please Call  
 12 F Hand Operated, 12" Capacity, Floor Model  Please Call  
12 NPP Hand Operated, Northampton Pants Pinker  Please Call  
20 F  Hand Operated, 20" Capacity, Heavy   Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
HP 1 Hand Pinker Please Call  
DLP  Flat Bed Pinker (Head Only)  Please Call  
Stand   Motor Stand (for DLP Flat Bed Pinker)   Please Call  
* 20 EF  Electric Operated, 20" Capacity, Standard Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
* 20 EH  Electric Operated, 20" Capacity, Heavy Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
* 32 EF   Electric Operated, 32" Capacity, Standard  Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
* 32 EH Electric Operated, 32" Capacity, Heavy Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
* 42 EH Electric Operated, 42" Capacity, Heavy  Duty, Floor Model Please Call  
*  Special Order
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
All prices are in U. S. dollars.

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