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We manufacture and sell:
Industrial sewing machines including their tables,
long arm sewing machines including their tables,
pleating machines, filter machines,
cloth cutting machines--both hand and table models,
sample cutting machines, swatch cutters and pinking machines,
filter convoluting machines,
upholstered furniture machines
related parts, supplies, and accessories.
Make sure you check
out our new Mitsubishi sewing machines.
(They are located in the sewing machine / straight stitch area.)
Need a deal on new parts--call us first.
In addition to parts for our own products,
we now stock parts including
cutter blades for most discontinued
Chandler swatch cutters.
We also stock parts for both
Chandler and Mutual pleating machines.
Professional blade sharpening
is now available for all makes of
sample cutting machines, swatch cutters
and pinking machines.
West Coast Representative:
Mr. Alvin Grossman
Glendale, California 91208
United States of America
Phone: (818) 548-3530

Mexico and Central America Representative:
Raul Rios S.

Representaciones, Refacciones Y Servicio S.A. de C.V.
Playa Guitarron # 555-L
Col. Reforma Iztaccihuatl
C.P. 08840 Mexico, D.F.
Phone: (52)(55) 5539-7486 / (52)(55) 5243-6950
Phone and Fax: (52)(55) 5539-7489
Purchase and Payment Information:
First Community Bank
298 Stokes Drive
Hinton WV 25951
United States of America
Attention: Ms. Sandra Cozort
Phone: (304) 466-5502
Fax: (304) 466-1620

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